Hate Internet Explorer ?

Why are people still using this incredibly useless browser? I can only assume they are unaware that they are missing out on half of what the web has to offer, many web developers are not developing for IE these days and if you are a web designer you will probably know why, you spend many valuable hours working on your web project getting it to look good you have coded your pages to w3c standards and your ready to test, looks fine in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, even Opera but lets have a look at IE, it’s all messed up like a Picasso “WTF” , so now you need to spend time searching the world wide web for hacks and patches to try and accommodate crappy IE, it’s a bit like buying a new car and before you can drive it you have to go to the breakers yard to put fake parts on it to make it road worthy, the sooner the grim reaper comes calling for IE and finally puts it in it’s grave the better and then all us web designers can shout HURRAH !!!!!!! but in the mean time if you would like to share some IE fix’s  for our frustrated clan then please feel free.

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