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Getting The Premium Look With Shortcodes.

A fantastic and very useful plugin by Vladimir Anokhin that can give your WordPress site a more premium look and feel . Shortcodes Unlimited is packed with shortcodes for Tabs, Buttons, Boxes, Sliders, Responsive Videos, Membership and much more to boot, many of the features that you only get with premium paid themes can easily be implemented using these shortcodes.

CSS Styling:

The author of this plugin has been very thoughtful in many ways when considering the user needs, in the settings section there is a custom css style pane where you can easily customise elements of each component without editing the original plugin css files, in fact to make things even easier the author has put a linked list of all the stylesheets above the editing pane for quick navigation to any stylsheet, “we like that”.

How do I rate this plugin:

I have given this a well deserved five star rating , the author has put a lot of thought into this plugin including many examples and even a quick reference cheetsheet all at your fingertips, and the best thing of all it’s completely free.

So if your looking for a quick but free way of adding a premium look to your/clients WordPress site than I recommend Vladimir Anokhin’s Shortcodes Unlimited be added to your box of tricks.

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